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The Construction BG of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction will lead in developing high value added businesses and creating the space for enriched living based on its construction experience and technology accumulated from project worldwide in the unlimited competition of the 21st century.


Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is committed to carry out various power plant projects including nuclear, thermal and combined cycle power plant. Also, the company construct power transmission and LNG tank with the best quality.

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  • Transmission Line
  • Hydro Plants/LNG etc.

Civil Engineering

With extensive experience in civil engineering, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction delivers infrastructure such as the road, railway/subway, port and pipeline meeting the highest quality standard.

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  • Expressways/National Roads
  • Railroad/Subway
  • Ports/Pipelines/Others


Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides the all forms of architectural structures such as apartment, residential/commercial composite architecture, office, hospital, R&D facility and stadium.

With the cutting-edge technology, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction leads the future of architecture style thorough quality management and project management.

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