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Consulation Services

At SolarTecUSA, we provide all our callers with free consulation with no risk or obligation.  Our team will provide you with everything from comparative price analysis on different system kits to site evaluations of your home or business using the very latest geoscoping technology. 

Our team includes those with a background in mechanical engineering, installation, and accounting who can make informed recommendations based on the conditions of your location and offer practical guidance on how to get the most energy efficiency out of your solar system no matter where you are.  We are here to help our customers every step of the way to insure that their new solar system is installed successfully so that they can enjoy the benefits of solar energy right away.

 We also provide all our callers with a variety of payment plans in order to make our systems affordable to everyone. All SolarTec Representatives are here to take your call.  We pride ourselves in our customer service which is why you will always be directed to speak with a live person.

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