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Optimization analysis, hydraulic turbine design, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), erosion prediction, Tidal & Wind energy and Osmotic Power. DynaVec has extensive experience in working with renewable energy and rotating machinery such as hydropower, wind power and tidal power. We provide consulting and optimization analysis and recommendation on all these disciplines, including design 3D modelling and structural analysis.

Consultancy services:

  • CFD and FEM analysis
  • Stationary and transient analysis
  • Hydropower plant optimization analysis
  • Erosion prediction
  • 3D modelling
  • Tidal & Wind energy
  • Osmotic Power (Energy Recovery System)

In-house design programs

  • In-house design program (Francis or Pelton turbines)
    • Optimize performance due to
      • Hydraulic efficiency
      • Reduce low pressure zones at inlet and outlet
      • Optimize overall performance at full – and part load
    • Blade Element Method (Tidal/Wind)
      • Hydraulic design
      • Operational performance
      • Include waves
      • Forces / runaway conditions

Commersial programs

  • Flow analysis
    • ANSYS CFX / Fluent
  • Strength analysis
    • ANSYS Mechanical
  • Drawing / DAC
    • Pro/Engineer

Flow analysis

CFD analysis of flow pattern, pressure distributions, cavitation control etc

Transient calculations
Time dependent calculations of rotational phenomen in hydraulic turbines

Strength analysis
FEA or modal analysis of hydraulic runners etc.

DynaVec has designed blades for tidal turbines intended for the Scottish market for Hammerfest Strøm and Scottish Power. In addition, DynaVec has the project management responsibility for presenting the first 1 MW prototype.

  • Contracted for Hammerfest Strøm Tidal Turbine (worlds first)
    • HS 300 – Kvalsundet
    • HS 1000 – EMEC Test station (UK)
    • Hydraulic design
    • Operational performance
    • Forces / runaway conditions
    • Wake calculation
    • Park optimization

  • Wind turbine
    • Blade design
    • Overall performance
    • Park optimization
    • Forces / runaway conditions
    • Park optimization

DynaVec delivers tailor-made solutions for energy recovery during freshwater production.

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