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The online tools and the range of reports they produce are most often all that is required.  However, sometimes the complexity of the planning issues at hand demands the specialist skills of our consultancy team.

What We Do

From the initial survey to obtaining planning acceptance, our consultancy services team can help with even the most challenging projects.  Not only do they provide customised technical advice, they can also become involved in stakeholder consultation; meeting attendance and public inquiries.

Solar Studies

Solar Photovoltaic Systems (SPV) is identified by the CAA and the FAA as potentially detrimental to aviation interests.  They have issued guidance, and we have developed software to assess SPV aviation issues, in addition to Glint and Glare Studies.

Radar and Aviation Studies

A particular concern that should be at the forefront of a developer's mind, is the impact of their project on radar and aviation infrastructure. Objections of this kind can prevent both large and small wind schemes from progressing, or cause significant delays.

Likely areas of concern include preservation of aviation safety, air traffic delays and controller workload. 

Aviation problems can also arise when installing a structure of significant height - such as a wind turbine, chimney, crane or high rise building - nearby to an airport or airfield, due to potential infringement of thier protected surfaces. Initially for this we would recommend running an Obstruction Assessment with Expert Commentary online.

We can use our extensive technical expertise in this area to help you to know what you're up against, and what you can do to keep moving forward. Services include: Aviation Impact Assessments, Radar Impact Assessments, Stakeholder Consultation, Radar Mitigation Studies and Shielding Studies.

Telecoms Links, Radio Communication and TV Interference

Buildings and wind turbines both have the potential to interfere with radio communications and television signals. We are able to survey and assess the potential impact in both cases, including shadow flicker.

Commercial UAVs

Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) are used for surveying and aerial photography. There use is becoming much more widespread and there are complex regulatory, privacy and policing issues. CAA prosecutions and police arrests are becoming more common as commercial UAV operations increase. We can support commercial UAV operators ensure they operate safely and legally. We are able to help with:

  • Operator Training
  • Pilot Training
  • UAV Flight Plans
  • Operations Manual
  • Aircraft Cerification
  • Aerial Work Determination

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