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Consulting & Engineering Service


TLV believes that true customer satisfaction can only be obtained by finding solutions to the various difficulties customers encounter in running their businesses and operating their plants. TLV consulting, engineering and service activities are designed to find the best solutions to increase productivity, maximize energy savings, improve quality and promote environmental conservation. CES activities are the embodiment of the complete customer satisfaction philosophy.


Identifying opportunities

CES Survey
Achieving optimum system efficiency by identifying opportunities for improvement and providing solutions, accompanied by a thorough economic analysis covering investment, savings and returns.

Engineering a better solution

Improved systems & new products
Optimizing the design and engineering of steam equipment systems to reduce production costs, increase automation, stabilize operations and improve the quality of goods produced. Communicating directly with the customer to improve existing TLV products and to aid in the development of new products and technologies inline with user needs.

Foundations for continuous improvement

Training seminars
Training all levels of engineering and maintenance personnel in energy conservation and maintenance optimization through a range of specialist seminars.

Maintenance tools
Providing advanced technological instruments and highly trained consultants to customers in order to allow them to achieve an improved level of maintenance within their own companies.

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