Imagine Energy, LLC

Imagine Energy, LLC

Consulting Services

Have a project you’re working on or maybe just not sure where to start? From homeowners to architects to builders, we have the knowledge to help make the important decisions regarding your building’s energy needs. We can consult on an hourly basis, or for bigger projects, we can put together a consulting bid.


Do Homeowners Need Consulting?

Many homeowners often overlook the building-science and energy aspects of construction when starting a new project. Consulting an energy expert often seems out of reach, but just a few hours can ensure your home will be comfortable and efficient for years to come.

The Whole Picture

We provide you with information and advice specific to your project, be it a remodel or a project that’s only on paper. We provide one-on-one consultation either at an hourly rate, or for bigger project, we can put together a consulting bid. We also offer energy modeling for your building to help get a better picture of what needs improvement.

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