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There is a bewildering array of sustainability solutions currently available in the marketplace. Let our experience guide you through the minefield.

Clients including corporate who want to take a responsible approach to sustainability can be put off, confused or worse end up buying the wrong solution. The EECO2 approach is that only by understanding exactly what the client needs and then sourcing the most appropriate solution are the clients expectations met. EECO2 is not an agent or provider of any equipment so our clients can be assured that our advise is impartial and focused on their best interest only. We can also help develop the clients vision towards attaining carbon neutrality.

Our Engineers are experts in the identification of relevant and viable sustainability solutions. Our innovative approach ensures you receive the optimum renewables solution to your needs, taking into account technology, ongoing operation and maintenance, finance and your strategic objectives. We have carried out Investment grade audits for large investors on sustainability projects across the globe, we can assist in developing equator principles towards securing funding for international projects.

Our engineers have carried out development of several infrastructure projects and Master plan developments leading towards sustainable communities and attaining carbon neutrality.

We provide conception to completion services for companies interested in setting up the following renewable energy infrastructure:

  • Wind Energy,
  • Solar PV
  • Solar Hot water
  • Micro Hydro Electric plants,
  • Sun Pipes
  • Earth Tube (Heat Recovery)
  • Biomass CHP
  • Biogas CHP
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Waste to energy

We provide the following services towards developing a renewable energy infrastructure.

  • Due Diligence Services – Technical, Legal and Financial
  • Feasibility Studies in Renewable Technologies
  • Energy Scoping Studies
  • Master Planning and Infrastructure development
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • nvestment Grade Audits
  • Fundraising / Third Party Financing

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