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Cost-benefit analyses and assessments are in great demand by public as well as private customers. COWI provides transparent analyses based on state-of-the-art methods.

What is the most profitable - a light rail or a bus rapid transport system? Which benefits and costs are linked to co-incineration of solid waste in coal power stations? What are the benefits of cycling, and what does air pollution cost? COWI's cost-benefit analyses and assessments can this type of questions.

Basis for decisionsCOWI has extensive expertise and many years of experience in carrying out financial and economic analyses that form an important part of our customers' basis for making decisions.

We quantify expected changes in behavioural patterns (e.g. demand changes), the direct economic effects, and the external effects such as climate change, accidents and health effects. We also assess the distributional consequences. 

State-of-the-art methods

The official Danish model for carrying out cost-benefit analyses within the transport sector was developed by COWI. We are market leaders within valuation of external costs and benefits.

We collaborate with research institutes and are involved in developing the knowledge and methods within economic assessment and cost-benefit analyses.

In this way we are able to carry out consistent and qualified analyses based on the latest knowledge in the area.

Multidisciplinary expertise

Because we have technical knowledge within several sectors, our customers get well-founded economic assessments with up-to-date and solid sector knowledge.

This applies to e.g. traffic, environment and climate assessments as well as infrastructure, energy and construction.

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