The Chemical Strategies Partnership (CSP)

The Chemical Strategies Partnership (CSP)

CSP Consulting Services

CSP offers a wide range of services related to the CMS model and initiating a CMS program. Drawing from our extensive research and work in the field, CSP has expertise in CMS program design, baselining chemical management costs, CMS industry research, training in the CMS model, and education and outreach to chemical users/customers. View consulting brochure. Below we have outlined more specifically the services we offer to customers and CMS providers/chemical suppliers, as well as the tools and materials available to assist
companies with these activities. 

CSP offers comprehensive economic and environmental evaluation services to assist you in deciding whether a CMS program is appropriate for your company. Our capabilities cover the entire range of CMS program development -- from introduction of the concept, to gathering cost and environmental data, through contract negotiation and launch of the program. CSP's levels of service depend on your organization's goals and needs. Below are the major phases of developing a CMS program.

  • Planning
  • Baseline accounting: total chemical use and purchase costs
  • Develop scope of program / request for proposal (RFP)
  • Engage a CMS provider

CSP can help your company provide CMS to your customers. We offer services in the following
three areas:

  • Strategic Business Consulting
    • Assessing opportunities to develop a CMS offering within a traditional supply side business
    • Initiating a CMS business area
    • Internal education on what CMS is and the potential for your company to offer CMS to your customers
    • Industry and market research
  • Training in the CSP approach to CMS
    • CMS program design
    • Baseline accounting: total chemical use and purchase costs
    • Responding to a CMS RFP
    • Designing compensation mechanisms for a performance-based contract
  • General Education
    • Outreach and marketing for customer bases

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