We design and review designs for wind farms and multi-MW PV systems, focusing on increasing system performance and maximising return on investment.We also develop energy concepts for low and near zero energy buildings and sustainable sites. We always focus on economic optimization without compromises to energy performance or comfort.We work with both experienced project developers and new players in the sustainable energy field, using our integrated expertise and knowledge of the whole life cycle of energy systems to provide reliable guidance on technology, regulations and grid integration.


Ensuring bankability and performance of PV installations

We provide owner’s engineering services throughout solar PV installation design, contracting and construction, for minimal risk and optimal performance.

We help our clients navigate the complex process of planning solar PV developments, guiding them through:

  • the selection of suitable sites
  • photovoltaic technology and layout choices
  • the development of technical specifications and quality manuals for photovoltaic park components,
  • the screening and selection of suppliers,
  • the drafting and review of contracts (EPC, O&M, PPA, etc.).

In addition, our in-house experts in grid integration and grid connection focus specially on ensuring intelligent grid interaction of distributed PV.

Our owner’s engineering services in solar PV include


Designing a wind park for high performance is a balancing act. It involves matching the right turbine technology and layout to the grid constraints, terrain and wind climate of a site while ensuring accessibility (for roads and grid connection), limiting environmental impact, and optimizing economic performance.

We provide technical and financial guidance every step of the way, towards optimal performance.

  • Turbine selection (determination of the most appropriate and profitable turbine type according to site conditions, local wind climate, grid compatibility, IEC specs, market overviews and track-record analyses of suitable turbine alternatives)
  • Detailed farm layout for optimized profits and minimal maintenance
  • Annual Energy Yield optimization.

Noise, shadowing, visual impact.

  • Grid layout and topology check or design for collector systems within wind farms or for sub-transmission connections between wind farms from both a technical and financial perspective
  • Component sizing (cables, transformers, switchgears…)
  • Compliance checks for reliability levels
  • Grid code and legal compliance checks.

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