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Development and Engineering Services


On the basis of many years of production experience for various manufacturers of wind power plants, KGW is now in a position to create new solutions to numerous present and future challenges of the wind power industry.

Together with research institutions of wind power engineering, KGW is working on technical innovations in the following fields:

  • What do the towers of the future look like?
    Particularly considering the fact that more and more wind power plants are being installed in weak-wind areas along with the requirement for great hub heights while keeping component dimensions suitable for road transport.
  • In what areas can we succeed in reducing costs and boost the efficiency at the same time?

KGW has developed innovative solutions in terms of construction, particularly for manufacturing towers for wind power plants with hub heights of over 120 meters.

KGW also has the utility models which are necessary to create and install suitable built-in modules. Considerations are also made regarding the reduction in logistics and assembly costs due to the use of assembly aids in order to avoid heavy installation gear at the construction site.

s a long-standing manufacturer proud of its traditions, KGW has become well-versed in the development and construction of various types of machinery and steel products since its foundation. In the field of wind energy utilization, KGW has specialized in the design and construction of towers for wind power plants for over 20 years.

The long-term cooperation with the wind-power related departments of the University of Rostock and the University of Wismar as well as collaborations with renowned institutions and engineering companies assure state-of-the-art results.

The focus of KGW's development and construction activities is on the development of cost-efficient solutions for various manufacturers of wind power plants. In this area, the built-in systems developed by KGW are particularly groundbreaking.

These include:

  • Modular built-in concepts for tubular steel towers (with patent protection)
  • Concepts with internals also for hybrid types of towers, such as concrete hybrid towers or timber hybrid towers (with utility model protection)
KGW's customers also benefit from the following fields of expertise:
  • Development and construction to principals' details according to customers' or internal KGW specifications.
  • Implementation of development activities and finding innovative solutions up to patent application or registration of utility models
  • Performing technical acceptance, verifications and certifications
  • Preparing documentation, including operating and maintenance instructions as well as risk assessments and declarations of conformity
  • Comprehensive support during prototype development including evaluation of test results and developing solutions for series production

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