Windlogics (formerly SSESCO Inc.)

Windlogics (formerly SSESCO Inc.)

Development Services


Renewable project developers are faced with many challenges in building the next wave of power generation: thin margins, timing uncertainty with permitting and PPAs, and unknown direction of long-term state/federal policy. WindLogics development consulting services maximize your return on every dollar spent on developing your project pipeline.

We serve renewable energy developers and their financial stakeholders by delivering the industry’s most reliable renewable energy production evaluations and project planning services that

  • Maximize profit by reducing the uncertainty of long term energy output
  • Minimize project valuation surprises when it is time to secure financing
  • Ensure minimal construction delays or cost overruns due to design or turbine vendor concerns

WindLogics has been a partner in over 7,000 MW of wind and solar energy installations since 2005. We augment our experience with unsurpassed technical competencies in applied mathematics, meteorology and information management. Let us put our experience and technology to work for you in a flexible long-term engagement that covers the full range of resource-related analytics to successfully move your project to construction.

Independent Engineer & Project Financing Support

WindLogics has more hands-on experience evaluating the long-term economical potential of renewable energy projects than virtually any other firm in North America. We’ve been involved in evaluating over $5 billion worth of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, and pre/post construction financing.

Project Net Energy Calculations (NCF)

WindLogics provides extensive reporting, at any stage of development, on wind and solar resource and energy characterizations. Our resource assessment services integrate all available long-term meteorological data with any on-site data to thoroughly examine the resource. We use the latest weather and wind flow models to provide detailed wind speed and direction analysis. From there, our analyst teams derive long-term energy production data key to project feasibility.

Full Wind Farm Design Consultation

Our design services combine proprietary processes, real-time information from the field and high performance server arrays to deliver scale, speed and accuracy. Dynamic design team dedicated to providing you a thorough analysis and mapping of your wind project to ensure the maximization of project NCF/lowest cost power.

Site Suitability Analysis & Turbine Vendor Support

Our detailed analyses are designed to ensure that turbines pass site suitability approval, avoid vendor-imposed turbine curtailments and meet all mechanical load restrictions to maintain warranties, and maximize expected project life or project financing.

Project Sizing

We can help you understand your sites potential with an expanding selection of turbine types. Blades are getting longer and sound profiles are constantly changing. We can help you not only target the right amount of land, but also maximize your project’s energy output potential.

Permitting and Design Analysis

We perform a range of analyses that help comply with local regulations.

  • Acoustic modeling for noise regulation compliance and site design optimization for low noise
  • Shadow flicker screening assessment modeling for impact on local buildings and residences
  • Electromagnetic interference (Beam Path) screening of communication towers that transmit and receive beams across your project area

Preliminary Construction Screening (Site Visit)

Site screening is an integral part of the design process that allows the designer to understand the available land to optimize your project. This service field validates constraints and potential impediments that could impact your project design: receptors, transmission lines, pipelines, center pivots, wildlife areas, etc. Map and survey support includes GIS data collection, photo and video simulation, and detailed roughness mapping.

Met Tower Audits

We will field validate that your measuring equipment is operating properly and documentation is reflective of the last configuration. This service will audit the met tower, documenting the heights and orientation of the instruments and verify that the instruments are operating correctly. Verification includes picture records of the instrumentation and ground level 360 panoramic pictures of the surrounding terrain.

Receptor Verification Identification & Validation

Accurate receptor information is crucial to ensuring your project design has been optimized not only for wind resource, but that it also considers minimizing impact to the local community. Field validation and identification of receptors minimizes design iterations and potential project and permit delays.

Met Tower Siting Recommendations

Armed with your targeted or solidified project boundary, we can help you plan out your met tower locations to ensure you are maximizing your development dollars to reduce the most uncertainty while also following industry recommendations on project size and terrain complexity.

Met Tower Data Management (Wind and Solar)

WindLogics collects your met tower data and field data measurements in our secure database and allows you to access it with your preferred telecommunication method. Ensuring quality data throughout the process reduces analysis uncertainty.

SODAR/LIDAR Measurement Campaign Planning

We can help you design a measurement campaign to maximize the resources you have available and on your timeline. We can recommend a mobile sensing strategy and tactical rotation schedule to maximize the collection period to either supplement your current measurement campaign or as a stand-alone campaign.

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