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Disturbing Substances In Biogas



Biogas (also referred to as digester gas) is a gas mixture emerging from the fermentation of organic substances. One of the main constituents in biogas is hydrogen sulphide, which, however, is a disturbing element and therefore needs to be broken down.

Your issue

  • corrosion in digesters (such as bioreactors)
  • possible odour nuisance (e.g. from gas holders, hydrolysis, pre-tanks, substrate reservoirs)
  • adverse effects in the system (e.g. in catalysts, piping components)
  • adverse effects on utilities (such as lubricants)


  • higher operating costs (e.g. shorter oil change intervals) to the point of a plant breakdown (e.g. due to motor failure)
  • reduced turnover and feed-in tariff due to biogas plant failure
  • loss of subsidies (bonuses for low formaldehyde and other emissions)
  • unstable fermentation
  • increased environmental pollution (SOx emissions)

Our solution for you

Design and construction of external bio-chemical biogas desulphurisation plants (UGN®-BEKOM system) or external bio-chemical exhaust air purification systems for biogas plants (UGN® hybrid filter system) based on bio-chemical and functionalized cellulose filtering materials.
Our work is based upon

  • biogas measurements (CH4, CO2, O2, NH3, H2, H2S) prior to designing a biogas desulphurisation plant
  • analysis of the biogas forming processs
  • measurements of the exhaust air emerging from pre-tanks, hydrolysis tanks, slurry storages (CH4, CO2, O2, H2, H2S, NH3, VOC, mercaptans)
  • customized design and dimensioning of biogas desulphurisation plants and exhaust air purification systems
  • In addition, we provide
  • implementation planning
  • issuing of explosion prevention documents
  • construction surveillance, on-site assembly

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