GeothermEx, Inc.

Drilling Engineering & Management Services


At GeothermEx, we have a wide range of experience in designing and managing geothermal drilling programs. Over the years, we have designed and drilled exploration, production and injection wells in all types of environments. We cover the entire range of possibilities, from simple, shallow temperature gradient holes to the most complicated, deep multi-legged completions. We have drilled in remote corners of the world and in areas with complex logistics and sensitivities, finding and developing resources with an extraordinarily wide range of temperatures, pressures and fluid chemistries. We execute drilling projects from well site selection through design, bidding, contracting, management, testing and clean-up. With a cumulative drilling experience of more than 150,000 meters of drilling depth over the past three decades, we are uniquely qualified to help you achieve your drilling objectives.

  • Well site selection and targeting
  • Design and permitting
  • Geothermal drilling specification and documentation
  • Procurement of geothermal drilling services and management of the bid process
  • Budgeting, management and supervision
  • Resolution of drilling problems
  • Completion and site restoration
  • Workover programs and other remedial activities

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