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Energy Supply Manager from Verisae deliver “push button” control of energy consumption via a single, integrated energy management platform. You can gain control of your sites energy consumption and real-time usage. If energy is in high demand, it is going to cost more, as dictated by normal supply and demand rules. If an enterprise wants to take advantage of energy price reductions through a demand response program, it can utilize active energy technologies from Verisae.

Common Characteristics of “The Smart Grid”

The future of electricity generation, transmission, and consumption means the grid will change to meet the needs of the U.S. residents, businesses, and distributed organizations. The future Smart Grid will:

  • Enable active participation by energy consumers
  • Accommodate generation and storage options whether traditional or renewable
  • Enable new products, services, and markets to emerge to improve energy efficiencies
  • Provide better power quality based upon energy management information system
  • Optimize asset usage, operating efficiencies, and building automation
  • Anticipate and respond to electricity grid problems and offer immediate fixes
  • Operate effectively when stressed by demand issues, cyber attacks, or natural disasters

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), also called advanced metering, is one of the key technologies required to enable several of The Smarter Grid characteristics to become a reality. Verisae is uniquely positioned with the following energy management products to enable smart grid implementation to take root immediately.

Demand Response (DR) Energy Management Solutions

Demand Response (DR) programs continue to grow across the US. Take control of your energy budget and sites enterprise wide with Verisae Enterprise Energy Management. Actively responding to and changing energy use to take advantage of energy market prices, utility incentives, reliability issues, or energy use anomalies. Our controls and software enable you to manage store electrical loads and provide guaranteed curtailment for your budget.

Demand Response (DR) Capabilities:

  • Energy demand & control at the asset or device level
  • Control HVAC/R & lighting controls from your computer - worldwide
  • Get real-time energy tracking with integrated RDM monitors
  • Utility bill verification with caparisons of utility reported vs actual energy used
  • Web-based controls & application integration of all data across all site
  • Benchmark leading and lagging sites & set energy usage tolerances
  • Globally set energy scenarios to allow for demand response execution

Energy Demand Manager from Verisae provides controls and software to enable an organization to actively manage energy utilization without sacrificing critical operations. Verisae understands the energy related problems faced by the distributed enterprise. It is our specialty.

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