Weather Analytics

Weather Analytics

Energy Modeling and Simulation

See weather differently for energy modeling and simulation through global climate trend information. We have granular data for climate trends and analysis to run robust models on the past, present, and future weather conditions.  Weather Analytics has amassed more than 50 times the global historical climate data than any other source or provider in the world.

TMY files (also known as TRY or EPW files) are created by looking at 15 – 30 years of hourly data at a location in question (for example – a site to be used for building construction) and selecting, in series, the most typical January, February... and so on of all available years based on a weighted average of DOE-specified weather variables with the selected months knitted together into one synthetic year of typical months.

AMY files are actual hourly data sets over the last year, or other time period, where energy use data is available closest to the location of interest. AMY files are delivered in the same file formats as TMY files in order to support as many modeling systems as possible. Since daily or hourly comparisons require more precision than general designs demand, AMY files need to be as close to the building site as possible.

Ongoing energy monitoring and performance optimization require continued access to on or near-site actual weather conditions – which may extend to precision forecasted conditions to drive weather impact alerts and predictive controls. Click below to learn more about Weather Analytics’ current conditions and hourly seven-day forecast weather files.

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