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Energy Recovery Service


Our ability to custom design and build components that recover energy from existing equipment results in solutions that are easily installed and generally offer a payback in as little as one year.


From concept through completion, our team of experienced engineers will design a heat recovery system that will deliver efficiency, reduce energy consumption and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Heat exchangers, waste heat boilers, economizers, and condensing economizers are all designed to capture and utilize waste heat. Applications vary, but essentially they can all substantially impact your bottom line by reducing natural gas consumption.

Economizers utilize hot flue gases to preheat boiler feed water, recovering otherwise wasted heat from escaping flue gases. Raising the temperature of the feed water entering the boiler reduces natural gas consumption and helps to improve boiler operation with quicker response to steam demands.

Condensing Economizers units go a step further than conventional economizers by capturing and utilizing sensible waste heat. By cooling exhaust gases below the dew point with a condensing heat exchanger a significant amount of energy can be recovered. The bulk of this otherwise wasted energy can add up to significant savings in natural gas. Depending upon conditions, it is possible to reach combined combustion efficiencies greater than 96%.

Depending upon process conditions and energy requirements, as well as fuel costs, payback for heat recovery may be in as little as one year. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions will be substantially reduced.

Let our engineers develop a solution that will not only provide you with benefits from years of energy savings, but also reduce greenhouse emissions.

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