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At a time when worldwide economies will be competing for secure and scarce energy resources, increased efficiencies and development of diversified and alternative supplies will become even more important. As a leader in research and development, we believe that science and technology will continue to play a significant role in the discovery of more reliable, sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy solutions that meet our clients' current and future needs.

Our innovations span the full spectrum of the global energy supply chain, from energy generation to distribution, transmission and consumption. At Battelle, we harness our market-leading innovations and technical expertise to give our industrial and government clients a competitive edge in the energy space -- and we can do the same for you, today.

  • Gas, Oil & Coal: Battelle develops next-gen innovations that improve efficiency, reduce risk and drive competitive advantage for our clients in the oil, natural gas, and coal mining industries. We help our clients discover practical solutions that improve oil and gas exploration, pipeline integrity and electricity generation. Our scientists and field experts also have been integrally involved in responses to the largest oil spills in the United States, providing field support, analysis, restoration and implementation efforts.
  • Alternative Energy: Battelle delivers proven, market-ready alternative energy solutions that improve performance, reduce costs and increase sustainability. From bio-based fuels and fuel cell technologies to solar and wind power, Battelle is developing cutting-edge innovations and advanced materials to solve our energy needs and to deliver cleantech solutions to market.
  • Utilities: We are helping our water and electricity clients solve some of their most pressing challenges, including energy and water conservation. For example, Battelle develops advanced grid control and interactive grid management solutions to help utilities maintain system operations and help eliminate potential power outages. When a Community Energy Storage (CES) system was needed for a major U.S. utility, we developed the Battelle Equal Energy System (BEES) to ensure that no one home uses more than its fair share of electricity stored during an outage, thus maximizing the time over which back-up power is available to connected homes.
  • Industrial & Consumer Products: Battelle scientists and engineers work hand-in-hand with consumer and industrial clients to convert scientific advances into real-world applications. Battelle offers energy and water conservation, industrial wastewater treatment, process engineering and systems analysis, and energy appliance assessment and improvement.
  • Government & Regulatory: Battelle has a long history of providing unbiased, independent research and management services for government and industrial clients. Battelle’s extensive science and technology resources and our close working relationship with the U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, puts us at the forefront of energy innovation that we can put to work for you.

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