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Transmission lines allow power to be produced in the optimal location but to be consumed where it is required, transporting it in an efficient and instantaneous way. Abengoa is an international leader in the construction of transmission lines and one of the leading private concession holders of lines in Latin America.

According to Engineering News Records (McGraw-Hill), we are international leaders in the construction of transmission and distribution infrastructures having constructed more than 5,000 km in countries such as Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, France, Spain, Romania, Morocco and India over the last five years, as well as international interconnection systems, such as the interconnection project carried out in Central America.

We are currently constructing a transmission line in Brazil of approximately 2,350 km with direct current, which will be the largest ever constructed in Latin America with these characteristics. This technology will help to considerably reduce energy losses from transport.

Since the Brazilian government approved the private initiative to develop an infrastructure as critical as the electric grid, Abengoa has become the leading private concession holder of transmission lines in Brazil. For example, our lines connect the largest hydroelectric power station built to date, the Itaipu plant, with Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the country’s leading centres in terms of energy consumption.

In Peru, under similar regulations, we are also one of the most active companies in developing the network, while in Chile we also have several important lines.

We have accumulated a total of 4,400 km of lines in operation and 4,800 km under construction which will double our asset base over the coming years.

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