Bilfinger EMS GmbH

Engineering Focus


Through the realization of pure planning services and detail engineering in plant construction and products, we are able to cover a broad spectrum. The constant back-flow of information from the production and commissioning phases ensures and increases the quality of our systems continuously.

The focus of Bilfinger EMS (in engineering)

Plant construction

  • Compressor and pump stations
  • Storage facilities
  • Gas dehydration units
  • GPCM systems, turbo-expander plants
  • Blow-down systems
  • Package units including automation
  • Filters, separators, separators
  • Adsorbers
  • Heat exchangers, heaters
  • Heat generation systems (boiler plants, regenerative heat exchangers)
  • combustion chambers

Pipeline systems

  • High-pressure distance transport
  • Medium/low pressure for county and city networks
  • Pigging facilities
  • shut-off
  • corrosion protection systems
  • remote control systems and data transmission

Exploration & production

  • storage tanks
  • separation plants
  • Flare systems
  • Well checkers
  • synthesis gases

Renewable Energy

  • storage of energy from renewable sources (power to gas, power to liquid)
  • Biogas upgrading BASF OASEgreenTM

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