Kinetic Systems, Inc.

Kinetic Systems, Inc.

Equipment Design & Manufacturing Services



Kinetics is an industry leader in the design, fabrication and installation of high purity systems for chemicals, slurries, gases and ultrapure water required for microelectronic, photovoltaic and other advanced technology applications. Over our history, we have installed critical process systems in more than 150 semiconductor manufacturing plants globally. In the energy market, Kinetics has provided systems for bulk and specialty gases, process chemicals and DI water in the world’s leading photovoltaic manufacturing facilities.

Our equipment design and manufacturing teams work with our clients to understand their technical and productivity needs, and develop the best equipment and factory designs to meet the most stringent process requirements. Our ISO-certified manufacturing sites, located throughout the world, produce highly safe and reliable equipment, shipped to customer sites within targeted schedules. Our proven project management and quality assurance processes enable us to meet tough customer requirements, as part of construction of new factories or expansion of existing facilities. Kinetics’ extensive experience within semiconductor, photovoltaic, and scientific laboratory facilities makes us a proven and reliable partner.

Our comprehensive range of high-performance products includes:

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