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The financing of major projects is particularly risky for investors. Therfore it is important to carefully weigh possible risks against existing opportunities beforehand. Yet often the internal know-how is not sufficient enough or the assessment of a situation is to be further objectified through a third party. In this case, trend:research can provide an objective view on the project situation, based on their long-time experiences as well as their neutral market position.

In this context, trend:research carried out a regional assessment of market and price of useable and available refuse derived fuel for a power plant project in form of an opportunities-risks-analysis for a project-financing institute (Federal State bank).

Entailed in this project report were market analyses and -prognoses of the relevant currents and quantities of material. Furthermore present and future competition was analysed on the basis of existing and scheduled capacities within the region. In order to secure future efficiency of power plant projects, price prognoses of the useable and available refuse derived fuel on the basis of own theoretically devised scenario planning of trend:research was compiled. These analyses were supported by desk- and field research.

The project results included a meaningful brief evaluation, recommended courses of action for financial decisions as well as basic and system-dependent key data on refuse derived fuel amount and prices.

The customer's main value within this project was the trend:research-guaranteed transparency of the regional situation of market and price. This provided the base for the project-specified market and price evaluation, the deriving of concrete recommended courses of action, and the winning and implementation of the client's project.

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