Extensive Services for Energy-efficient Buildings

Buildings of all kinds are major consumers of energy in the form of heating, cooling, lighting and hot water. Veolia develops energy services that enable building owners to reconcile occupant comfort with energy and environmental performance.

Managing buildings for optimal performance and image
Hospitals, office buildings, data centers, shopping malls and residential complexes are all becoming more complex and now require the expertise of an energy professional to optimize operation and control consumption levels. Those in charge of managing buildings are faced with rising energy prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations; they also have to ensure that buildings are in keeping with the environmental commitments made by the owner and expected by building users. Veolia meets these requirements through a strong commitment to results.
Methodology, technical excellence and innovation
At each site, Veolia carries out an energy audit and draws up and implements an improvement plan, including factors such as work on buildings, upgrades for energy facilities, monitoring tools and systems to encourage occupants to save energy. Veolia technicians regulate, run and maintain the facilities to attain optimal performance. They are backed by the expertise of specialists, channeled through the new energy performance control centers that Veolia is developing in each region.
Local presence, expertise and commitment
Veolia's clients benefit from the skills of its technical specialists and its unparalleled experience in managing a wide variety of buildings around the world. Its list of references speaks for itself. In Canada, the CHUM Collectif consortium, in which Veolia has a 20% interest, is building the new University of Montreal Hospital Center (CHUM), the biggest in North America. It also helped design the center and will manage technical and energy operations.


  • Energy audit, design and implementation of improvement plans, including work on buildings, upgrades for energy facilities, monitoring tools and systems to encourage occupants to save energy, etc.
  • Fine-tuning, managing and maintaining facilities
  • Central management of energy performance with a commitment to results

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