We screen and assess site potential during prospection phase for all renewables, including wind, solar PV, small hydro and bioenergy. We provide preliminary energy scans or in-depth site analyses.Our advanced modelling capabilities and +12 year experience make us one of the most reliable partners for resource assessments and yield evaluations in the world.We consider grid integration or district heating and cooling at early phases to lower project costs and help keep an eye on all future project constraints and opportunities.


Reliable insight on the potential return of your PV installation

Feasibility studies are the first step towards the development of a technically and financially sound solar PV installation. Using our combined experience of solar PV technology, data analysis and building / grid infrastructure, we:

  • assess potential,
  • identify risks,
  • plan installations for optimal performance.

We provide independent analyses and reports (P50 and P90) accepted and trusted by banks and investors throughout Europe.

Our validated data analysis methodology and modelling tools are based on over 15 years of experience working on all types of medium to utility scale solar PV projects (up to 75MWp).

  • Detailed study of technical potential and integration possibilities for solar PV energy
  • Assessment of solar PV potential (based on satellite data, meteorological observations, site measurements)
  • Uncertainty assessment on radiation and yield (P90)
  • Site and integration analysis for different technologies and infrastructures
  • Dynamic computational simulations for optimized system design and yield calculations
  • Country specific analysis of financial context and regulations
  • Long term yield and ROI analyses
  • Operational costs evaluation


Our site screening guidance and feasibility studies provide a full-scope preliminary view on a project’s potential and profitability to help during site prospection, to better compare site alternatives and to identify suitable technical and financial guidelines for your wind farm.

  • Screen a site or select an optimal wind measurement site location with regional wind maps and preliminary assessments.
  • Understand a site’s possibilities and analyze a project’s potential.

Full scope assessments which include overviews of

  • Spatial planning legislation and constraints
  • Grid connection options
  • Environmental constraints
  • Landscape issues
  • Infrastructure possibilities
  • Legal and administrative framework

Lead time for wind farm grid connections can be from 14 months (offshore)
up to 26 months (onshore) on average in Europe, according to the latest
WindBarriers survey by EWEA. This is why 3E integrates grid thinking in early project phases and provides targeted services for efficient grid planning.

  • Overviews of grid integration options with technical and financial assessments.
  • Cost-effective grid connection proposals with high operational performance, based on 3E constraint mapping and preliminary resource assessments.

For preliminary insight on project profitability

Our full picture assessments include:

  • Long term yield estimates based on wind resource assessments
  • Independent financial evaluation/development of business plans
  • Evaluation and estimate of financial risks
  • Technical risk and safety analyses
  • Market valuation of electricity including green electricity support schemes and /or
    CO2 reduction certificates.


We provide a range of resource assessment solutions to analyze a site’s precise wind climate, both onshore and offshore.

This is essential to:

  • Optimize wind farm design (micro-siting) by taking into account wind speed and orientation to avoid losses
  • Select suited turbines for a site and its wind climate and minimize risk of legal disputes
  • Secure financing with  bankable reports on farm potential
  • Prepare solid business plans and ensure profitability of wind investments.

  • Our results are bankable
  • We use top-notch equipment, including several Lidars for remote sensing (stationary + floating)
  • We are certified ISO 9001:2008 and give special care to making sure our reports are consistent and reliable
  • We are certified WAsP users
  • We have over 2 years experience with Lidar measurements and data analysis, and our team is composed of several certified Windcube users
  • We are involved in leading research initiatives in mesoscale modelling, CFD modelling, wake modelling and offshore resource assessments,  including the Norsewind initiative and validation campaigns for the deepest offshore park installed to date.

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