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Feasibility study is a way to reduce the risk of the investment and the study should focus not only to technical aspects of the biogas projects (defining the treated materials, mass and energy balance of the biogas plant, possible inhibitors, process solutions, etc.) but also pay attention to the economical side of the project. Economical evaluation includes the investment cost estimation, cost estimation to operate the plant (manpower, use of chemicals, required spare parts, etc.), which together determines the requirement for the annual turn-over that has to be gained from the operation of the plant.

The turn-over may include the cash flow analysis from the produced energy and received wastes and also the avoidance of the cost for disposal of waste. Certain cases can also earn from the production of fertilizers, where there are lack of nutrients or humus in field use, in forest use, or in other applications. The possibility of grants have also high significance to the project viability, as well as the estimation of the loan rates, investor expectations etc.

The cost of the feasibility assessment compared to project investment is insignificant, usually project owner should expect that the cost lies somewhere between 1-3 % of the final investment, depending on its size. As the proper evaluation indicates clearly the risks that are involved in the actual implementation of the project, it is definitely recommended to conduct such a study before making any decisions.

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