Fermentation Residues Processing


Basically, fermentation residues can be spread on agricultural land untreated. However, the spreading is not always possible. If there are not enough fields for certified fertiliser spreading or storage capacities for fermentation residues available, many operators of biogas plants need to think of alternatives of how to deal with the high amount of fermentation residues. The proof of land is based on the fertilising value of the fermentation residues. The proportion of the nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium and calcium as well as phosphorus and nitrogen, determines the fertilising value. If the quantity of the nutrients is too high for the designated areas, plant operators have to get rid of parts of the residues. Also the storage capacity for the remains requested by the authorities becomes a growing concern. In many districts storage capacities of nine months are requested.

Through processing techniques these problems can be solved. Different options are available:

  • Separation
  • Facilities to dry fermentation residues
  • Processing of the liquid portion of the fermentation residues

biogas weser-ems is able to offer and evaluate various techniques. We support you during planning, design, permission, integration into already existing facilities, commissioning and acceptance.

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