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Fixed Price


Our Fixed Price Natural Gas Product protects your budget against the risk of natural gas price spikes and lets you rest assured that your rate won’t change for the length of your contract. Direct Energy Business will work with you to analyze and understand your natural gas needs and operational goals, as well as provide honest guidance on historical trends, so you can trust you’re making an informed decision. With this product, you receive a competitive fixed rate per decatherm (Dth) for the length of your contract, allowing you to plan your natural gas consumption and budget with confidence.

Why Choose a Fixed Priced Strategy?

  • Greater budget control
  • Long-term stability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Straightforward guidance

Make Your Business Better by:

  • Gaining greater control of your energy budget.
  • Shielding your business from the risk of price spikes and natural gas market volatility.
  • Locking in your rate so you don’t have to actively manage your natural gas strategy until you are ready to renew.

Recommended for:

  • Budget control is very important to my business or organization
  • We do not have the time, expertise or interest to actively manage natural gas procurement
  • We have a lower tolerance for price volatility
  • We are in a Direct Energy Business service area
  • We are a commercial or industrial organization (not residential)

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