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Following the same concept of the  “Malcolm McLean” container the company has developed energy production and transformation units with a capacity between 250 and 3’000 kVA, under the names POWERBLOC® and TRANSBLOC ®. These units complete the process of producing and supplying drinking water by allowing on the one hand, the powering of AQUABLOC ® units on sites that do not have an electricity connection and, on the other hand, by ensuring the availability of emergency power in the event of a power outage for sites that do have a connection to the electricity grid. The TRANSBLOC® units incorporate electrical transformers and related equipment protection and security. These units are air-conditioned. The POWERBLOC® units incorporate emergency power generators or UPSs. Fully soundproofed and climatised, they are equipped with a complementary, double walled fuel tank, of sufficient capacity to guarantee an optimum autonomy of the unit.

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