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At AES, we provide diverse fuel technologies that are well-suited to the individual markets in which we operate. Our businesses share expertise in building and operating plants that use coal, diesel, hydropower, gas, oil, wind, solar and biomass to generate electricity.
Our generation businesses help energy markets meet their existing and growing electricity supply needs. We have assisted with the construction of new state-of-the-art power plants, and we have applied advanced fuel combustion technologies at existing power plants to maximize capacity and optimize availability.

AES Energy Storage

AES Energy Storage, a subsidiary of The AES Corporation, is the owner-operator of advanced storage projects that provide emissions-free capacity to improve the performance and reliability of today's power grid. Emissions-free capacity is a fast and flexible power system resource, combining patented software, dynamic power control and storage technology. AES Energy Storage deploys and operates stored electricity capacity projects to help utilities, power markets and renewable developers level the variability of generation and demand on the grid, reduce operating costs and meet future power system needs. Established in 2007, AES Energy Storage currently has 76 MW of battery-based energy storage in operation and 500 MW in development.

Generation Performance
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

AES also has implemented a uniform system of KPIs to monitor our generation businesses which includes Equivalent Availability Factor (EAF), Net Capacity Factor (NCF) and Equivalent Forced Outage Factor (EFOF).

EAF represents the percentage of the time that a power plant is capable of producing energy and is normally less than 100% to provide for maintenance. EAF does not consider the actual energy produced. NCF is the percentage of actual energy produced compared to the capacity of energy that the equipment was capable of producing. Finally, Equivalent Forced Outage Factor (EFOF) is the percentage of the time that a plant is not capable of producing energy due to unplanned operational reductions in production.

The below table provides summary data for the past four years and includes EAF, NCF and EFOF. Our EAF decreased in 2012 primarily due to the addition of Dayton Power & Light (DPL) to our generation portfolio. DPL plants have much older equipment which requires more routine and scheduled maintenance.

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