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New technologies must be developed and applied to the rapidly growing GreenTech Energy market, which provides clean, sustainable energy worldwide. For many years, MPR has been involved in these types of technologies: wind, biomass, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, biogas, energy storage, energy efficiency, and smart grid technology.

MPR provides complete engineering services to the GreenTech Energy market, including product development, investment due diligence, applications engineering for deployment of technologies, and project execution support. Our proven product development approach helps us guide technologies from inception to commercial reality.

We collaborate with our clients and perform 'First Principles' engineering on a staged basis, consistent with prudent risk management practices and typical venture capital financing milestones. We can identify and mitigate technical risks while considering market issues and commercial risks associated with business partners, production, and supply chain. We quantify risks and actively seek upsides to unlock hidden value in projects and technologies.

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