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Ground Source Heat Pump Solutions


A system that transfers the temperature from the ground to your home using a geothermal heat pump.


It provides energy for heating and hot water using stored solar energy from the ground beneath, powered using the ground source pump. Although frequently referred to as Geothermal heating or geothermal energy, in most cases it is stored solar energy, not hot rock energy.

This works in a similar way to a fridge using thermodynamics to produce heat.

The heat pump system can also be used to cool your property in summer.

Vertical coils (geothermal drilling) are ideal for installation where space is limited, fitted to a depth of up to 200 metres minimising the land required on the surface, keeping disruption to a minimum.

All our ground source heat pump systems are filled with environmentally friendly liquids and are compatible with other renewable energies such as solar.

Nicholls Boreholes can do everything from the drilling of the boreholes to the heat pump installation and installation of underfloor heating. We can assist with a commercial ground source heat pump and a domestic ground source heat pump (please see recent project section for examples)

Why Invest in a Ground Source Heat Pump?

  • Takes advantage of a completely free and renewable source of energy
  • Environmentally it has virtually no impact as it works with, not against, nature
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Can add value to your property
  • Compatible with most modern heating systems – ideal for under floor heating
  • You can save up to 70% of your fuel bill
  • Easy to use

Horizontal Collectors


  • Cost - it is cheaper to get a groundworker to dig trenches rather than to get a specialised contractor in to drill holes. In some cases horizontal collectors are 30% cheaper than boreholes.
  • No specialist drilling contractor needed.


  • With horizontal collectors there is very often the need to import sand to protect the pipe work, this in turn means that the excess spoil needs to be lost or removed from site.
  • Unable to use the paddock / field for approximately 1 year while the field recovers.
  • Can only be laid under permeable surfaces
  • Temperature levels are seasonally affected
  • Once horizontal collectors are installed you are unable to build anything above them, causing future planning restrictions.



  • Less disruptive as they take up much less surface area
  • Can go underneath roads and other impermeable surfaces.
  • More efficient per metre of collector pipe.
  • Consistent in their delivery of temperature as not seasonally affected.


  • Cost – initial outlay is greater

An experienced borehole drilling company such as Nicholls Boreholes can help you with this. We cover a large area of the South East, including West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, London, Berkshire and also other areas of the UK.

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