Samatrix Ltd.

Samatrix Ltd.

Hydraulic Survey & Energy Monitoring Services

Did you know that the Water Industry estimates that pumps account for over 50% of the total energy consumed. Pump inefficiency and energy loss is usually due to: Insufficient Pump Control, Incorrect Pump Specification, Inaccuracies in System Design.

Our highly experienced engineers can advise where energy is being lost and what the most cost effective solution is to overcome it. By using Data Monitoring Equipment and our Samatrix Black Box Converter our engineers are able to record data straight onto their portable laptops.
By monitoring variables at key locations within a treatment process Samatrix can:

  • Recognise problems within process control systems
  • Substantiate the accuracy of site flow meters
  • Balance treatment processes
  • Diagnose and locate problems in pumped and gravity fed systems
  • Determine head losses within gravity fed systems
  • Monitor the effects of individual pumping stations to the performance of a treatment works
  • Pinpoint blockages in rising mains.

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