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PHB Inc.

Hydroelectric Project Planning Services


High precision airborne LiDAR surveys enables rapid and precise generation of topographic maps and facilitates remarkably the planning of potential hydroelectric facilities and the economic evaluation of the impending waterpower that can be harnessed. The airborne LiDAR survey technology allows precise topographic mapping of large remote areas that would be rather difficult to realize by conventional methods, thus rendering basic geographic data to hydroelectric power producers in a most effective fashion. Group PHB is a privileged airborne LiDAR data supplier to Hydro-Québec and its derivate products, such as topographic maps, profiles and diverse hydraulic and reservoir modeling scenarios.


Group PHB has been particularly distinguished for measuring low-water profiles of rivers over extensive distances within 24 hour periods, offering precise topographic data to hydrologists at incomparable delays compared to conventional survey methods that would have taken months to accomplish, where some sectors would have been impossible to survey from any floating craft.

Close relations and partnerships with our clients permitted us to survey riverbanks and reservoirs using the airborne LiDAR data acquisition methodology that enabled the end users to realize erosion analysis and the modeling of overspills and dam failures, thus providing adequate emergency preparedness plans.

Airborne LiDAR data acquisition methodology is particularly effective in the following domains:

  • Establishing precise topographic maps;
  • Determining of infrastructure sites, dam & dyke sites, camp sites, power line & access road routing;
  • Forest cover assessment through the production of special products (profiles, volumes, 3-D simulations, etc.);
  • Survey of riverbanks and reservoirs for tidal range analysis;
  • Simulation and modeling scenarios to ease project progress;
  • Supply of multi functional data, integrated with georeferenced images to facilitate geotechnical and environmental studies.

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