Hydropower and Water Resources

Our experts-consultants and engineers can cover all stages in the Hydropower and Water Resources project cycle, from identification to supervision during commissioning. We have particularly experience of such projects particularly in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and FYR of Macedonia, as we are familiar with the legislation in these countries.

Our services in the field of Hydropower and Water Resources include:

  • Preparation of Technical Due Diligences
  • Preparation of Pre-feasibility studies (PFS)
  • Preparation of Feasibility studies (FS)
  • Preparation of Conceptual designs
  • Preparation of Preliminary designs
  • Preparation of Final/Detailed designs
  • Preparation of Hydropower strategies
  • Preparation of Water Resources Management plans
  • Design documents for rehabilitation/modernization/repowering of HPPs
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment studies for HPP systems
  • Legal Analyses of potential sites for HPP construction
  • Consultancy in privatization of HPPs
  • Generation analysis
  • Funding and Grant Options and Advice
  • Design review

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