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Incorporating Future / Emerging Renewable Energy Sources for Future



Algal bio Fuel: Experimental Photo Bio Reactors (PBR) for converting Algal Biomass to Bio Diesel. Algal biomass is touted as the next generation fuel to cater the world's growing needs. A combination of PBR and Solar PV can produce Bio Diesel, Solar PV providing the ancillary power for processing the bio diesel. Transportation has a high energy footprint which is generally not considered in the overall energy mix. If energy for transportation could be harvested at site, it would result in a holistic carbon reduction program. EECO2 engineers are members of Algal Biomass Organisation in the US, and are well aware of the different emerging technologies being tested for harvesting. Algal Biomass as a next generation fuel source. As an example a loaf of bread can be converted into bio diesel.

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