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Industrial Coatings Solutions



Increase film quality and stay at the forefront of your market. Industrial thin film coating is swiftly adapting as consumer demands drive stringent performance requirements. As a world leader in industrial-coating power systems, Advanced Energy’s process expertise and manufacturing capabilities help give you a competitive advantage. Benefit from local engineering support, worldwide service centers, and new technologies that increase film quality and lower end-product costs.

Thin-film coatings are an essential component for a variety of markets — consumer electronics, optics, machine parts, automotive, energy, communications, display technologies, healthcare, and many others.

As market demands increase, thin-film coatings need increased quality, life, and performance, at a lower price. You’re looking for innovative, advanced, cost-effective technologies that allow industrial coating systems to overcome these challenges. Additionally, you require suppliers to quickly ramp up product availability when demand changes.

Advanced Energy has long been the leader in industrial coating power systems. Our broad product portfolio delivers the performance and control essential to process stability, high-quality coatings, high yields, and high deposition rates.

Drawing on over 30 years of process power experience, our engineers around the world work closely with you to achieve the highest quality and throughput from your coating systems. And as the largest plasma power systems supplier worldwide, Advanced Energy can respond agilely to steep market ramps, ensuring you can meet any production volume need.

  • Improved yield through process stability and power supply reliability
  • High deposition rates speed production
  • Film innovation enabled through advanced plasma control
  • Maximized film quality through process optimization
  • Product availability to respond to dramatic production ramps

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