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Dynamic Demand 2.0 connects, aggregates and optimises your distributed energy assets – from industrial equipment, battery storage and electric vehicles, through to on-site generation – in real-time to radically reduce your cost of consuming power.

How you benefit

Lower Costs

Make smarter use of assets to maximise savings

Business Intelligence

Improve performance with powerful, data-driven insights.

Greater value

stack’ demand flexibility value streams from multiple services.

Future proof
respond to changing market dynamics and regulations.

More efficient

automate energy efficiencies with machine learnig.

maximise on-site renewable generation.

What we do
Balancing Services

Invisible changes to the timing of your electricity use can help National Grid to balance electricity supply and demand and earn you money in return. We provide a real-time dynamic frequency response service which delivers high value with no impact.

Energy trading

Your demand flexibility can take advantage of energy price volatility in wholesale markets and work to cut your costs by helping your electricity supplier better manage their supply and demand positions.

Capacity Market

The Capacity Market holds annual auctions to ensure sufficient capacity is available to meet future peak demand. Successful bidders receive payments throughout the year in return for providing capacity during occasional system “stress events”.  We will work with you to identify, bid and manage the participation of suitable assets.

Peak price management

Network charges account for 25% of your electricity bill. Open Energi uses demand flexibility from across your assets to minimise your electricity consumption during peak price periods, reducing TRIAD and DUoS charges and the Capacity Market Levy.

Constraint management

Local distribution networks are coming under increasing pressure as EVs, batteries and distributed generation change how we interact with our electricity network. This is creating new market opportunities for your demand flexibility, which we can help you to evaluate and access.

Energy efficiency

We use sub-second metering data and machine learning to unlock operational efficiencies and optimise the performance of your assets against business productivity targets, cutting costs and carbon.

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