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PPC - Project Performance Company

Infrastructure Energy Optimization

The PPC Infrastructure and Energy Optimization (IEO) provides a solution for federal and commercial market that identifies IP enabled devices, analyzes device power consumption and utilization, and creates operational efficiencies by reducing the energy consumption, while increasing the useful working life of devices and reducing the operational budget needs.

The IEO solution can be extended to include traditionally non IP enabled systems and devices including cooling and humidity control units, HVAC, lighting, and other facility and building management systems as well as phones, printers, desktop/laptops, elevators and any device drawing power that can be connected to the network. The IEO solution provides the ability to slice and dice energy data in many new ways, such as providing the granularity of specific device energy readings to show where top consumers lie, but also group devices by projects, cost center, department, floor location, building, cities, or countries. In essence IEO solution provides a customizable 'virtual power meter', which can be configured and queried on the fly.

Leveraging this information we can set forth a program of optimization for any organization with proven results of between 20% and 45% energy/cost savings.

The energy baseline provided by the IEO solution can be leveraged for not only cost/energy savings, and for extending the life of existing equipment, but for security purposes as well.  With a baseline biometric of an organizations energy usage, the IEO solution can monitor for attempted intrusions or incursions from cyber-attacks at the power usage and utilization level.

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