Initial Operation Service


The most important step to a trouble-free operation of a biogas plant is the successful start-up. Before the fermenter can be filled the first time, several function controls will be effected on the different components as well as on the safety installations.

After the successful check of the essential functions, the process of the start-up can begin. During the start-up, we undertake the organisation of an bacteria-inoculation, the analysis of the feedstock and the monitoring of the biogas plant.

You have chosen BioConstruct as a partner guaranteering the function of the biogas production plant. We have the competence to remain your contact person during the whole time of operation. Our elaborated control and measurement system gives us the possibility to monitor your biogas production plant from our headquarters in Melle in order to recognize possible malfunctions very quickly and to solve them together with you. We also would be pleased to assist you in the choice of new feedstock.

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