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Today, the pressures of environmental concerns, the need for green energy, energy security, and the growth of renewable energy and the need to make assets work harder and longer all present significant technical challenges, both for new investors, and for the owners of more established electrical systems, as they seek to adapt their infrastructure and their business model to more innovative solutions. Thus, innovation matters because it is “the successful exploitation of new ideas” and is not merely R&D. Often innovation involves new processes, technologies or technological applications it can deliver substantially better products and services, as well as new, cleaner, and more efficient production processes and improved business models.

Our Key Strengths
PPA Energy provides innovative solutions to venture capitalists, natural resources companies, power utilities, banks, development agencies, universities and government entities on market development and market strategies. These innovative solutions include conducting independent reviews of new technologies and/or specific projects and their prospects for market entry. Uniquely, we have a significant track record in building collaborative ventures, acting not just as a consultant but as an independent partner to bring together academic institutions, major manufacturers, utilities and investors in some ground breaking projects which will shape the future of the energy industry.

PPA Energy has unique expertise in driving innovation surrounding the development of self-healing and smart grids/smart networks, including understanding the technical and economic challenges related to the development of mini and micro grids both in the context of urban energy systems as a whole, and in rural and off-grid settings.

What we do:
Strategy advice on development of Future Networks
Creation of academic and industrial partnerships
Technology evaluation
Scoping and ongoing management of research and development projects, including assistance with funding applications
Advice on market entry - economics, barriers etc.
Involvement in EPSRC and FP7 funding programmes, and other key collaborative programmes such as the Supergen programme

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