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Understanding the ISO 50001. Curbing the energy use is pivotal to combating the rising costs and shortage of energy. Doing this, organizations can comply with the GHG (Green House Gas) legislation and send across a positive message of being concerned about fast depleting sources of energy and energy conservation for a better and safer environment and future on Earth. ISO 50001 (a standard designed for energy management system) embodies latest international practices in the arena of energy management, resting on the existing regional and national standards & initiatives.

ISO 50001 is designed with the goal to enable companies better:

  • Make better use of their energy consuming assets
  • Evaluate & prioritize energy-efficient technology’s implementation
  • Encourage energy efficiency throughout the supply-chain

If your organization, irrespective of its size, geographical location or sector, operates in an “energy-extensive” environment or if the organization is facing GHG emissions regulation or legislation, ISO 50001 certification is highly recommended. Being independently certified to ISO 50001 will assure your stakeholders that your organization works in compliance with the best practices in Energy Management.

  • Securing top management’s support
  • Collecting, tracking and analyzing energy data
  • Identifying the key energy uses and establishing a baseline
  • Identifying and prioritizing energy saving opportunities
  • Get certified under a third-party for:
  • Improving your energy performance
  • Conforming to the ISO 50001 management standard

  • Reduced energy-related operational costs
  • Reduced GHG emissions
  • Demonstration of the ultimate commitment to sustainability
  • Enhanced energy efficiency through better utilization of existing energy dependent assets
  • Guidance on benchmarking/measuring/documenting/reporting energy intensity improvements
  • Assist organizations in evaluation and prioritization of new energy efficient technologies’ implementation
  • Reduced overheads and operational costs leading to increased profitability
  • Assurance of internal and legal compliance
  • Identification of variables that affect energy use and its consumption within an organization
  • Improved understanding of use and consumption of energy through defined methods, and data collection processes

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