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Kube Energy

Off-Grid Solar Service


Kube provides full service off-grid solar solutions that allow businesses and organizations in developing countries to transition over to clean renewable energy without incurring the risk and expenses of paying for a solar system up front. We offer the solar service model to organizations with medium to large size offices (50-300 employees).

Our systems are installed with large battery banks, guaranteeing 24 hour electricity at the compounds. We can integrate the solar system with diesel generators for compounds with insufficient space to cover the full power load with solar. 

Solar Service Model - How It Works

Our solution covers project design, financing and development, and monitoring and maintenance. Our customers make no upfront investments and pay a fixed monthly fee in return for cost effective, reliable and hassle free solar energy. 

Project design / We evaluate the needs of each operation and design solutions using the most advanced technologies, battery storage systems and configurations to maximize reliability and efficiency. 

Financing and development / We cover all up front capital costs and take care of procuring, shipping, installing and insuring the system. 

Monitoring and maintenance / We monitor and maintain the system to deliver optimal performance. 

Monthly fee / Customers enter into a lease with Kube and pay a fixed monthly fee for cost-effective and reliable solar energy.

Our solution enables organizations to lower operating costs, increase operational efficiency, improve quality and scope of services, and reduce their carbon footprint.

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