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On Ground Analysis Service


Installing a photovoltaic plant on ground requires a careful geological analysis of the soil, in order to plan the most appropriate support structures to sustain photovoltaic modules over time.Moreover, the fixed structures must be well anchored to the ground in order to withstand the external loads of weights, as well as those of solar panels, wind rips and landslides. For this reason Ravano Green Power uses only the best materials and most suitable technologies to the surfaces of the installations.Ravano Green Power designs and installs only solutions which can ensure long-life and maximum efficiency in terms of production of the photovoltaic system.

Foundation screws are a fast and practice system to build solid foundations which can support fixed structures of photovoltaic systems, in fact Ravano Green Power uses them only when there is a suitable ground, because easy to install and with a low impact.

These structures are used primarily on:

  • sloping ground
  • soil with clay composition

Thanks to the screws, the structures which support photovoltaic panels, are able to resist settling and movements of the soil, especially in the case of hard rain.

They usually are in galvanized steel and fixed at 160 cm deep, without requiring invasive building works. The structures guarantee the optimum angle of modules ranging from 30 ° to 45 ° in order to take advantage of the sunlight and ensure correct production of the plant.

Photovoltaic panels are secured with stainless steel bolts and suitable anchorage devices of horizontal beams laid on load-bearing spars attached directly to the vertical supports, forming inclined planes, to ensure optimal exposure and the maximum electrical production.

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