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Installing a photovoltaic plant on a rooftop needs a careful analysis of the structure (flat, pitched or barrel) and of its materials (sheet metal, tiles, asphalt, tiles, slabs of cement, asbestos).The mounting structures of photovoltaic modules, must support panels and ensure the equitable distribution of the weights of external loads: solar panels, roof waterproofing, wind resistance and the passageway for the maintenance activity.Ravano Green Power designs and installs only the best technology solutions to ensure long-life of the photovoltaic system and maximum efficiency in terms of electrical production.

To optimize the exposure of the flat roof, to ensure the loads of the weights, to avoid the infiltration of water and everything required for the maximum production of photovoltaic modules, there are two types of structures: aluminum triangular mounting structures and console system.

These structures are mainly in aluminum because it is a material which weighs not much on the roof structure, but where the coverage allows it, it is possible to use also galvanized steel structures optimizing the costs.

The structures are tailor made for every PV system according to the structural project done by qualified technicians of Ravano Green Power and built by leading specialist suppliers.

They are mainly used on:

  • Flat rooftops which can not support heavy loads
  • Rooftops without drilling problems of waterproofing

They allow to obtain the optimum angle of modules ranging from 30 ° to 45 ° in order to take advantage of the sunlight and to ensure the correct electrical production.

The triangular structures ensure the stability of the plant because they can be directly fixed to the ground with screws sealed, or attached to two ballast of cement by weight of 40 kg. each.

The use of ballast is recommended in those cases where is difficult to do holes for fixing on ground (and the roof can withstand heavy loads).

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