Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Service



The Smart Grid has arrived. And it all starts in the buildings and campuses. 3FFICIENT has developed an instant micro-grid solution that is portable, low cost and readily integrated into various platforms and systems. It can integrate building automation, submetering, security systems, distributed energy systems, energy storage, utilities, demand response systems and more to form a modern wireless grid that is affordable, user adaptable and highly secure.  We call it IRIS because it gives instant focus on what maters.  Today, we use it for monitoring and verifying performance of our projects.  Tomorrow, you’ll be able to use it manage your entire enterprise – securely and cost effectively.

Perhaps the most innovative differentiator is that our design enables small scale facilities management readily scaled up to large portfolio management for bulk energy procurements and demand response that can move markets.

Our smart micro-grid solutions are up to 90% more cost effective than others and “hardened” with military grade security.

  • easily connect to the most common building automation, renewables and storage systems.
  • our open platform means you are not locked in to any vendors.
  • wireless communications means easy setup and portability.
  • strong military-grade encryption means you stay securely in control.

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