Windlogics (formerly SSESCO Inc.)

Windlogics (formerly SSESCO Inc.)

Operating Services


Variable power generation and smart grid technologies create challenges for operators of electric utilities and renewable energy power plants, but they also create great opportunities! WindLogics provides robust solutions using core competencies in meteorology, applied mathematics and data analytics combined with real world utility experience. Major utilities and operators of wind and solar plants, including Florida Power & Light, NextEra Energy Resources and many other companies, actively use WindLogics solutions. WindLogics solves the challenges of tomorrow’s energy system, helping you profit from your opportunities.

Wind Power Forecasting

Utilities and plant operators require accurate wind power forecasts to schedule generation and plan operations. WindLogics plant-specific forecasts use your proprietary meter or wind plant data to provide the most accurate wind plant power forecast. The forecasting system includes both web and machine-to-machine interfaces to integrate with your market and scheduling systems.

Ramp Management

Wind generation ramps can impact generation schedules, imbalance and regulatory compliance. WindLogics ramp forecasts include probabilistic information for accurately viewing your risk and uncertainty. Flexible alerting and interfaces are specific to your needs.

Long-Term Wind and Solar Forecasts

To manage budgets, expectations and reserve margins, you need an accurate estimate of future wind and solar energy. WindLogics can provide future generation outlooks (months and quarters ahead) for a region or at the plant level. Starting with a baseline view of long-term performance, projections are refined as operating data becomes available and expectations are adjusted based on weather patterns to provide the best forecast for the time period of interest.

Performance Analysis

Whether you are updating your performance expectations or identifying performance issues, WindLogics can provide valuable insights into wind and solar plant performance. With experience from hundreds of major wind and solar projects, WindLogics can quickly assess performance, separating out all the contributing factors to get you to the bottom line.

Icing and Weather-Related Outage Alerts

You need to anticipate when wind and solar facilities may encounter weather-related outages. Using weather data archives and historical outage data to predict future events of icing and downtime, WindLogics solutions support proactive decisions before a large loss of power.

Load Forecasting

Accurately knowing future load is critical to optimizing your operations. WindLogics has worked with load serving entities, retail energy providers, traders and generators to provide them with more accurate load forecasts. The load forecast model is optimized based on location-specific electrical load data and a broad range of weather input (not just temperature at a handful of locations). WindLogics has achieved superior results over traditional load forecast models.


Understanding long-term generation supply depends on accurately forecasting future load and generation profiles. WindLogics is an expert in using large data sets and long time series data to understand future scenarios.

Millions of smart meters are being deployed, but what are you doing with the data? WindLogics is already working with Big Data from millions of smart meters to create actionable information. We have the capability to help you with your smart grid analytics today, extracting more value from your investment.

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