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Paving new ways with green & tailor-made solutions: As a boutique company we are committed to deliver flexible, individual solutions of highest quality tailored to the particular needs of each of our business partners. Our optimization proposals are a result of a preceding careful analysis of your individual situation. By then precisely chosen measures we aim at enhancing the value of your assets in long-term perspective, reduce your costs, improve your plant performance and maximise your yields - with respect for the environment.

CO2 Reduction: Benefits for Environment, Positive Image, Value Stability

  • PV Power Plant Leipziger Land - CO2 reduction: ca. 4,000 t CO2 / Year
    We have converted of a former ash disposal site into the largest photovoltaic power plant in the world at the time of construction – Leipziger Land (Germany, 2004). We designed the PV plant in a way to preserve the natural biotope existing on the site and realized an innovative concept of wooden understructure. We have been operating and maintaining the plant in the most eco-friendly way.
  • PV Power Plant Borna - CO2 reduction: ca. 3,100 t CO2 / Year
    In 2005 we have developed, constructed and grid-connected the PV Plant Borna (Germany). Built on the site of a former factory producing lignite briquettes, the plant has prominent value: Environmentally friendly and renewable energy has taken the place of the conventional energy production. The plant consists of 438 movers, a biaxial sun tracking system that enables PV panels to follow the sun's movement.
  • Rooftop PV Power Plant Hanover - CO2 reduction: ca. 600 t CO2 / Year
    Hanover’s largest rooftop photovoltaic plant, installed on a 30,000 sqm large roof of a logistics centre. A total of 4,163 modules generate yearly approx. 950 MWh of environmentally friendly solar power for the regional energy supply.

Operation & Maintenance: Commercial & Technical Management of Solar Power Plants in Germany

Our highly qualified photovoltaic experts and our dedicated professionals in commercial management provide you with advice and support tailored to your particular needs. We deliver made-to-order services for both ground-mounted and rooftop plants.

  • Thermographical Screening: Increase of Performance Ratio
    4.99 MW, Leipziger Land
    We have screened the Leipziger Land plant thermographically and successfully completed the claim management for replacement of defective modules despite the exit of the original module manufacturer from the industry. Since 2005 the plant operates with an average Performance Ratio of 83.5%.
  • Quality O&M, Commercial & Technical Management: Long-term Partnerships, Trustful & Stable Cooperation, Smooth Workflow
    110 MW, 63 locations. Our biggest success is 10 years of experience in the operation and maintenance of PV Plants. Our long term sustainable partnerships with plant owners are a testament to the quality and competence of the service we provide. We also offer independent supervision of your plant operator.
  • Noise Control: Optimal Working Conditions
    1.2 MW, Stutensee
    Some of today’s inverters emit high frequency noise at levels up to 90dB. Working with our partners we lowered the sensible noise from a 1,2 MW Inverter station to the sound of a whisper.

For detailed information regarding the scope of our services in the field of Operation & Maintenance / Commercial & Technical Management in Germany please visit the webpage of our Group Company SOLAR ASSET MANAGEMENT GmbH or consult its service brochure.

Operation & Maintenance: Commercial & Technical Management of PV Plants in Italy

We are specialized in the maintenance and administration of utility and commercial photovoltaic power plants. On the operating side this includes plant monitoring and maintenance, maximizing yields, including thermographic analyses and opex reduction. Currently having more than 60 MWp under management, we are well versed with prevalent solar technologies including ground and rooftop plants, thin film and crystalline modules, fixed and tracking technologies and inverters. On the commercial side this includes accounting work up to drafting the financial statements, liaising with related government agencies, liquidity management and bank interaction.

  • Corrective maintenance: less failures & increased production
    3 MW, Apulia
    Our team significantly reduced the number of failure from the 300+ double-axis tracking systems, leading to an additional
    yearly production of 300 MWh. By improving the entire balance of system and retraining the local technicians, we have maintained excellent results over time.
  • Preventive maintenance: optimized output & higher performance ratio
    2.4 MW, Latium
    The shadow analysis of this fixed system led to a rewiring campaign of some of the strings to optimize output. We obtained an increase of 7.3% over the expected production and an actual yearly performance ratio 5.2% higher than forecast.
  • Management of third party SPVs: reductions in the budgeted costs
    60+ MW, Italy
    We achieved yearly reductions of 10% in the budgeted costs thanks to specific actions such as: reassessment of the land value at the Land Register (reducing asset taxes), analysis of operational costs, renegotiation of the exis-ting contracts and replacement of some of the suppliers.

For detailed information regarding the scope of our services in the field of Operation & Maintenance / Commercial & Technical Management in Italy please visit the webpage of our Group Company GEOSOL Italia or consult its service brochure.

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