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Plasma-Based Glass Coatings Solutions



Be equipped with quick and stable power, fast arc detection, and low arc energy. Glass coating is rapidly advancing. Over the last 20 years, Advanced Energy has played a major role in its evolution. As new technologies change the industry, our dedicated team focuses on developing repeatable methods that improve throughput and yield. We pioneer and refine advanced DC, pulsed-DC, low-frequency AC, and bipolar-pulsed DC plasma applications. Explore new capabilities, experience unrivaled benefits, and create increasing value in your glass products.

Glass coating technologies are quickly becoming more complex as performance, environmental, and aesthetic requirements change. New materials and layer stacks requiring advanced plasma technologies are being developed to address these needs. This pushes glass coating companies to enhance capabilities on existing and new coaters. You’re looking for new technologies to increase glass value and coater productivity, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Take your processes to the next level of performance and productivity. Advanced Energy’s solutions provide stable, reliable, precision process power with the repeatability needed for today’s glass coating production. With advanced arc management, pulsed-DC and bipolar-pulsed DC power systems, we enable process engineers to leverage new capabilities.

In addition to new technologies such as co-sputtering, we advance power delivery with unique, customer-driven approaches that can drastically increase productivity without costly coater expansion additions. From advances in layer stacks to increases in coater productivity, our solutions offer an ever-growing portfolio of advantages.

  • Higher deposition rates and film quality
  • Quick, stable delivery even at high power levels
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Increased glass value
  • Easy integration, configuration, and maintenance

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