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Power System Services


From incoming utility line power to the power that operates your equipment, we offer the capabilities to extend the life of your existing equipment and improve its reliability, while increasing performance capabilities and maintaining safety. Our technical staff has extensive expertise with transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear and electrical components manufactured by all major OEMs.


  • Rewind, refurbishment and upgrades
  • General step-up, station auxiliary, unit substation
  • Field maintenance and testing
  • Oil analysis and oil processing
  • Oil pump and cooler services
  • Tap changer service
  • Failure analysis
  • Isolated phase bus repair and restoration
  • Degreed engineers on staff

Circuit Breakers

  • On-site preventative maintenance and testing
  • Low & medium voltage repairs, reconditioning and refurbishment
  • Low voltage trip unit retrofits
  • Medium voltage air-to-vacuum conversions
  • Low voltage/medium voltage starter conversions
  • High voltage field services
  • Oil circuit breakers
  • Turnkey upgrades


  • All manufacturers
  • Custom preventative maintenace programs
  • Shutdown/outage maintenance
  • Thermographic inspection and analysis
  • Cleaning
  • Full testing, including switches, bus work, high current injection, relays, network protectors, transformers, cables
  • Turnkey switchgear upgrades

Custom Bus Fabrication

  • Shear, bend, punch up to 1/2″ x 6″ copper bus bar
  • Common size copper bus in stock, including epoxy-coated bus
  • Emergency power system restoration
  • Match-up switchgear additions
  • Rectifier bus additions
  • Intricate bus configurations
  • Consistent repetitive bends
  • Shop manufactured fluidized bus

Hydro/Turbo Power Generation

  • Turbine repair and rebuild (steam, gas, coal, hydro)
  • Stator inspection and testing
  • Rotor and stator alignments
  • PM and scheduled maintenance
  • Stator rewinds and coil repairs
  • Restack, repair, reinsulate, replace core laminations
  • Manpower and materials for complete on-site stator rewinds
  • Exciter reconditioning

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