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The Agripower Division produces high efficiency biogas plants in the agricultural and industrial sector with powers from 50 to 2000 kWel, designed to achieve maximum profit. Our plants have a modular standardised configuration and are developed from an industrial concept applied to agriculture, and are therefore highly functional, incredibly simple to run and financially advantageous.

Our cutting-edge plant solutions, our team consisting of professionals with diversified skills able to develop all aspects connected with execution of the work, and our highly-qualified on-site works management which coordinates and manages all the plant construction stages, right from the beginning, are the key factors that enable us to produce to high standards of precision, rapidly and with maximum safety.

Good coordination in the execution of such important and complex work enables us to rationalise means and resources available with consequent reduction in costs, resulting in optimisation of the investment return.

The production of our turnkey plants therefore comprises execution of all civil and electromechanical works, testing, technical and biological start-up and consulting and training of plant management personnel after completion.

The objective of the Agripower Division in the production of its biogas plants is to obtain maximum energy production for the entire period of operation and guarantee the stability of the biological process also in the event of the occurrence of faults, however slight or serious, in one or more components.
This is a particular characteristic of the Agripower Division plants that distinguishes them and makes them a model for a new generation of high quality biogas plants, in which the objective is maximisation of electricity production together with a reduction in biomass input due to improved energy exploitation.

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